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It’s a perfect time to treat yourself to our newest recipe, Rice Cakes with Peanut Spread, a delicious and nutritious snack! You can enjoy it as a quick and easy high protein energy boost before workouts or as a sweet and savory snack for your midday meals. It also pairs perfectly with a cup of Muscle Cheff L-Carnitine Coffee! Here are our ingredients:

  • 4 rice cakes
  • Muscle Cheff Peanut and Collagen Protein Spread
  • A banana
  • Ground coconut

To begin our recipe, slice one banana and place the rice cakes on a plate. You can also use whole wheat cakes instead of rice, depending on your preference. Spread Muscle Cheff Peanut and Collagen Protein Spread evenly on each rice cake and place banana slices on top to cover the surface. You can personalize the recipe by using any fruit you like, such as strawberries or apples. Finally, sprinkle ground coconut on top of the banana slices, and enjoy! With potassium-rich bananas, essential nutrients like manganese and copper from coconut; protein, collagen, and healthy fat support from Muscle Cheff Peanut and Collagen Protein Spread, and fiber from rice cakes, you can create a balanced and delicious snack that meets your nutrient needs. Bon appétit!

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