Protein Chocolates

Muscle Chef introduces the world’s finest, luxurious Belgian chocolate protein bar. The perfect guilt free indulgence that is gluten free and keto friendly.

Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates

Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolate is with you at every meal with its delicious Belgian chocolate, sugar-free form and unique taste. With its low calories, 100% natural content, high nutritional value, additive-free, and delicious content, Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates meet both your chocolate and daily protein needs.

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How Many Calories in Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolate?

Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates are low-calorie and healthy snacks. Muscle Cheff Dark Chocolate has 140 calories while Milk Chocolate has 190, Raspberry Chocolate has 170, and White Chocolate has 150 calories.

Is Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolate Healthy?

Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates are one of the most natural and delicious snacks. These Protein Chocolates, which take their protein from whey protein and do not contain sugar, gluten or additives, offer a healthy and low-calorie chocolate alternative suitable for your consumption.

What are the Ingredients of Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolate?

Available in dark, milk, white, and raspberry flavored varieties, Muscle Cheff Chocolates contain cocoa butter, whey protein, sweetener (erythritol), emulsifier (soy lecithin), and flavoring. Muscle Cheff Chocolates are palm, trans fat, preservative and colorant free. Made with real cocoa butter.