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Let’s make some sugar-free energy bars to give you a quick boost in the morning or keep you performing at your best during your exercise routines! All you need are 2 of your favorite Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates and some dried nuts of your choice. 

First, melt the chocolates and spread a layer of melted chocolate in a flat rectangular container. Then, add the nuts. Get as creative as you can and make sure you cover the nuts in chocolate. Refrigerate until firm, cut them into strips, and you’re good to go! A simple and delicious snack! 

Since Muscle Cheff Protein Chocolates are palm oil, sugar-free and non-GMO, they’re the perfect alternative to regular chocolates if you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Add that to the 8-10 grams of protein each bar contains, and you’ve got the perfect pre-workout snack! 

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