Instant Coffee With Collagen (4.23 Oz. /12 g x 7 Pack)


Muscle Cheff’s popular instant coffee now has an option that’s fortified with Collagen!

The collagen-infused instant and sugar-free coffee is perfect for anytime of day. What’s more is that it also contains good fats from coconut oil! A great way to give yourself a caffeine-boost that’s also good for your skin, muscles, and more!

With 7 sachets in a box you can kickstart every day of the week with an added boost of collagen and good fats ! Just mix it with hot water or milk ( and sweetner of your choice if you like) and enjoy! Ahh!

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Ingredients: Non-fat milk powder, coconut oil powder, coffee, hydrolyzed collagen, Stevia extract.

Allergen notice: Contains dairy product.