Protein Iced Coffees / Milkshakes

Enjoy the flavorful taste of our multifunctional iced coffees. Designed to provide the refreshing taste of a cold coffee but with < 1 g of Sugar , high in protein, and a delicious taste, they're a win-win!

Muscle Cheff Protein Iced Coffees

With Iced Mocha, Iced Espresso, and Iced White Chocolate Mocha varieties, Muscle Cheff Iced Coffees meet the increased protein requirement after activity, support the preservation of muscle mass and the formation of new muscle tissue. With its protein content of 66 percent, supplemented with minerals and vitamins, and its perfect consistency, Muscle Cheff High Protein Iced Coffees are always with you for daily consumption, before and after workouts.

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How Many Calories in Muscle Cheff Protein Iced Coffee?

One scoop (25g) of Muscle Cheff Iced Mocha contains 85 calories, while Muscle Cheff Iced Espresso and Muscle Cheff White Chocolate Mocha contain 86 calories.

Are Muscle Cheff Protein Iced Coffee Healthy?

Prepared with the scale in the box, Muscle Cheff Iced Coffees contain 13 grams of protein and are enriched with B and D vitamins. Suitable for ketogenic diet, it can be prepared as desired, regardless of water or milk.

What are the Ingredients of Muscle Cheff Protein Iced Coffee?

Common ingredients of Muscle Cheff Iced Coffees are whey protein, ground coffee, sweetener (erythritol), inulin, and vitamin D.